What kind of packing is provided for solar gel batteries ?
The packing materials for solar gel batteries prove to be reliable in protecting the external structure of the product. Normally, we use more than one packing material, and some of them are adopted to cover the surface to insult from moisture and water. This kind of material mainly includes bubble papers, membranes, and plastic wrap. In addition, there will be wooden or plastic boxes prepared to avoid the impact of collisions and bumps. Through the packing, we ensure the product completeness and no damage during the shipment.

Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd. has made a range of achievements in the ups system battery industry. Power Kingdom's main products include rechargeable sealed lead acid battery series. The production of Power Kingdom sealed deep cycle battery is of a high standard. It meets the building industry's critical standards and regulations such as the latest safety science and environmental protection certifications. The product stands out for its low energy density. Power Kingdom is able to exceed customer expectations every day and drive efficiency. Thanks to its simple composition, the product can be easily recycled.

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