What kind of battery is a deep cycle battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-19

There are many classification methods for lead-acid batteries. For example, there are 2V series batteries, 4V series batteries, 6V series batteries, 12V series batteries, 24V series batteries according to different voltages. There are different classifications according to different uses. For example, car batteries, motorcycle batteries, electric bicycle batteries, solar batteries and so on.

As the application of lead-acid batteries continues to expand, deep-cycle batteries have emerged, so what kind of batteries are considered deep-cycle batteries?

Deep cycle gel battery diagram

1 In terms of battery performance, this type of battery is suitable for deep discharge, which is 100%. After deep discharge, the battery is restored to its pre-discharge capacity by charging.

2 There are certain requirements for the cycle life of the battery.

3 Deep-cycle batteries are mainly used in the following scenarios

3.1 Solar power and wind power storage systems

3.2 Electric bicycles

3.3 Electric vehicles

3.4 Electric forklifts

3.5 Power tools

4 The manufacturing process of deep-cycle batteries is similar to ordinary Lead acid is very different, and different manufacturers have different processes to achieve it.

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