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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-29
The most obvious feature of the lead-acid maintenance-free battery is & other; Free maintenance & throughout; , and the consumption of lead-acid battery electrolyte than it is very small, in the service life of the basic don't need to add distilled water. It also has a shock resistant, high temperature resistant, small volume, the characteristics of uniformity. Relative, its price also is more expensive than lead-acid batteries. As for service life, maintenance free storage battery normally suggest replacement cycle for 3 years, and was equal to that of lead-acid batteries. Ordinary lead-acid batteries battery is in 1859 by French plante ( Plante) The invention, has been one hundred years of history. Battery is mainly composed of tubular positive plate and negative plate, electrolyte, separator, battery case, battery cover, a column, filler cap, etc. The main advantage is that the voltage stability, the price is cheap; Defect is lower than can ( The battery storage of electricity per kg) , short service life and maintenance frequency. Old-fashioned common battery life in 2 years, and to periodically check the height of the electrolyte and add distilled water. But with the development of science and technology, the life of the lead-acid battery maintenance is become more and more simple. Colloidal battery colloid lead-acid storage battery is the improvement of ordinary lead-acid battery liquid electrolyte, by substituting colloid electrolyte sulphuric acid electrolyte, in safety, storage capacity, discharge performance and service life, etc, the batteries have improved. Inside there is no free fluid, electrolyte under the same volume large capacity, heat capacity, heat dissipation ability strong, can avoid battery are prone to thermal runaway phenomenon; The electrolyte concentration is low, weak corrosion effect of plate; Concentration is uniform, there is no electrolyte stratification. Alkaline nickel cadmium battery nickel cadmium battery ( 镍- cadmiumbattery) The positive active material is mainly made of nickel cathode active material is mainly made of cadmium a alkaline battery. Cadmium is extremely nickel hydroxide, negative extremely, electrolyte is potassium hydroxide solution. Its advantage is light, seismic, long service life, often used in small electronic devices. Nickel cadmium battery quick charging, circulation service life is longer, more than twice the lead-acid battery, can reach more than 2000 times, but the price for 4 ~ 5 times of lead-acid batteries. Its initial acquisition cost is high, but because of its color in quantity and the service life of the advantages, so its long-term actual use cost is not high. But need to do a good job of recycling use, or heavy metal cadmium will pollute the environment. When choosing accumulator, understand all kinds of battery in the process and use of differences is important, first to fully understand the user demand for products. Such as back-up power system capacity requirements, frequency of use, use of environment, the main purpose, service life and reliability requirements, instantaneous discharge rate, the specifications of the rectifier and other performance requirements related to battery. Second to understand the battery's performance, including product design parameters ( The model of battery, appearance size, rated capacity, rated voltage, weight, volume, weight than energy than energy, design life, the number of positive and negative plate piece, the positive and negative plate thickness ratio, the density of the electrolyte, the type of plate, plate gate materials, etc. ) , product performance parameters, actual use of the product life, install and use environment, different models of performance and price, different kinds of product warranty, etc.
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