What is the weight of the battery 12V38AH?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-14

What is the 12V38AH component of the    battery?

  1. Good battery safety performance: no leakage or battery rupture during normal operation.

  2.12V38AH battery discharge performance is good: the discharge voltage is stable, and the discharge platform is flat.

  3. Good impact resistance: completely fixed battery charging conditions, amplitude 4mm, frequency 16.7Hz, frequency oscillation for 1h, no leakage, no battery expansion and rupture, normal open circuit Voltage.

  Good impact resistance: When the battery is fully charged, the natural height drops from 20 cm to 3 times the thickness of 1 cm hardwood. No leakage, no battery swelling and rupture, normal open circuit voltage.

  5. Good over-discharge resistance: 25℃, the battery is fully charged and discharged for 3 weeks (resistance value is equivalent to the battery 1CA discharge resistance requirement), the recovery capacity is greater than 75%.

   6. Good overcharge resistance: 25 degrees Celsius, the battery is charged and discharged at 0.1CA for 48 hours, no leakage, no battery swelling and rupture, normal open circuit voltage, capacity stickiness The attachment rate is as high as 95%.

  7. Jiangsu Shuangdeng 12V38AH battery has good high-current resistance: 2CA discharge for 5 minutes, 10CA discharge for 5 seconds, the battery is fully charged, the conductive parts do not melt, and the appearance is not Deformed.

  GB/T1486-1988 dual-pack battery general product spare floating charging 6-GFM-38

   use: large , Medium and small UPS, communications, medical equipment, security systems, etc.; features: floating charging life of 6 years (25°C)/10 years (20°C); higher than energy

  The use of high-quality flame-retardant material ABS tank, which meets the UL94V-0 standard, reduces the possibility of shell incineration;

   High-quality mesh alloy, common The production process improves the corrosion resistance of the grid and prolongs the service life of the product.

The 6-GFM-38 component of the battery is 12 kg. For details, please link https://detail.1688.com/offer/559664706193.html?spmu003db26110380.sw1688.mof001.11.7fb26f61oK6FpL


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