What is the use of valve-controlled battery safety valve?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-24
What is the use of a valve-controlled battery safety valve? What effect does its valve-opening pressure and valve-closing pressure have on the valve-controlled battery?
(1) The function of the throttle valve (also known as the safety valve) is as follows:    1) In the normal floating state, the exhaust port of the throttle valve can escape trace gas and prevent the gas accumulation in the battery.  2) If the battery generates gas due to overcharging, etc., when the valve is opened, the surplus gas can be discharged in time and the internal pressure of the battery can be reduced.  3) When the air pressure exceeds a fixed value, the gas will be released, and it will automatically shut down after decompression. The gas in the air is not allowed to enter the battery, so as not to accelerate the self-discharge of the battery.  4) An explosion-proof filter device is installed between the throttle valve and the cover. The filter disc is made of ceramic or other special materials, which can filter acid and flameproof. The filter has a certain thickness and particle size, if a fire is approaching, it can block the gas inside the battery that detonates.  (2) The opening pressure and closing pressure of the throttle valve have strict requirements, which should be determined according to the gas compound pressure conditions. If the valve opening pressure is too high, the gas in the battery will easily exceed the limit value, causing the battery shell to swell or burst, which will affect the safety of the battery. If the valve opening pressure is too low, gas and water vapor will be severely lost, and the battery may fail due to excessive water loss. In order to prevent external air from entering the battery and damaging the battery performance, the throttle valve must be closed in time. Too low valve-closing pressure will cause external air to enter the battery, leaving the battery in an open state, which is not conducive to the gas recombination of the battery. If the valve closing pressure is too low for a long time, the battery will dry out, which will greatly shorten the service life of the battery. Generally, it is better that the valve opening pressure is slightly lower, and the valve closing pressure is close to the valve opening pressure.
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