What is the solution for modular UPS power supply? How is it defined?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-11

Modular solution overview:

Modular UPS power supply adopts a standard structural design, and each system is composed of power modules, monitoring modules, and static switches. Among them, the power modules can be connected in parallel to share the load equally. In case of failure, it will automatically exit the system, and other power modules will bear the load, which can expand both horizontally and vertically. The unique redundant parallel technology makes the equipment no single point of failure to ensure the highest availability of power. All modules can be hot-swapped, can be replaced online, and maintenance is the safest power protection program.

This solution is composed of a modular UPS host, an intelligent power distribution system, and a battery.

Modular UPS host:

Modular UPS power module adopts double conversion online structure, including rectifier, inverter, charger, control circuit , And the disconnect switch of the input and output battery bus. With input power factor compensation function. All modules can be hot-swapped online to provide the highest level of availability and maintainability.

Modular UPS host control module adopts industrial CAN BUS bus control structure, and two redundant hot-swappable control modules complete the control and management of the system. A control module failure will not affect the normal operation of the system. The control module can be hot-swapped and replaced online. The parallel connection of power modules is also centrally managed by the control module, and runs in accordance with the unified parallel parameters. A power module failure can automatically exit the parallel system without causing harm to the entire parallel system.

Modular UPS system adopts independent static bypass module and does not adopt multiple static bypass structures to avoid overload damage caused by uneven current flow of multiple bypasses when transferring to bypass. The parallel output voltage accuracy of the modules is ±1%, and the parallel current is <1%.

Standard SNMP card, using HTTP protocol, SNMP protocol, TELNET protocol, etc. It can check the mains status, battery status, bypass status, inverter status, self-check status, power-on status and input voltage, output voltage, load percentage, input frequency, battery voltage, battery capacity, battery discharge time, UPS machine in UPS The internal temperature, ambient temperature, etc., the operation of the UPS power supply is clear at a glance, which improves the management efficiency and management quality of the UPS power supply guarantee system. Choose the open windowsNT/ windows2000/windowsXP/windows2003 operating system platform.

You can choose to equip with a temperature and humidity sensor, insert a multi-function network card, and realize the temperature and humidity monitoring and alarm of the computer room environment through the network.

Intelligent power distribution system

This system is an integrated power distribution system for the input and output of UPS power supply. It is used in conjunction with the UPS host and contains the input switch and output switch of the UPS. And the maintenance bypass switch and the main input switch of the system, the main switch is equipped with auxiliary contacts; it contains a current sensing system and communicates with the UPS host.

The power distribution system consists of an input power distribution unit, a branch output power distribution module, a monitoring module, and an isolation transformer. Each power distribution module of the output power distribution unit is equipped with 18 output branches. The current of each branch can be set from 6A to 32A on demand. The three-phase balance can be adjusted according to the configuration and changes of the field load. The power distribution system can Install up to 6 plug-in power distribution modules, and the number of power distribution modules is optional.

The power distribution system has the same size and appearance as the UPS host, and the same color. The standard configuration is: LCD display, UPS maintenance bypass panel (including system main input switch, UPS input switch, output switch, maintenance bypass switch, and auxiliary contact switch). Detection circuit main board, three-phase input and output voltage and current sensor components, neutral current and ground current sensors, and an external EPO signal interface.

Input K value isolation transformer and branch current monitor are optional.

The power distribution system can be equipped with a network card, which can monitor the parameters, status, history and alarm information of the power distribution cabinet through the network. It can network monitor the input and output three-phase voltage, current, frequency, neutral current, ground current, KVA number, KW number, power factor, branch current of each phase of the power distribution cabinet. And can set the current high and low voltage alarm threshold.

External battery and battery cabinet

The battery adopts maintenance-free fully enclosed lead-acid battery. The battery capacity can be configured according to the needs of the brand. The battery is installed in the same brand and appearance as the UPS host. Color inside the battery cabinet.

Modular stand-alone reliability analysis

To evaluate the reliability of the UPS system in performing its duties, not only the MTBF of the UPS must be considered, but also the MTTR and The MTBF of the mains. When the UPS fails and the utility power fails, the load will lose power, which means that the UPS's key responsibilities will fail. The length of time the load is exposed to unprotected utility power depends on the length of maintenance time. If it takes one week to repair a UPS, and the average unreasonable time of the utility power is also one week, then, when the UPS fails, the load will likely lose power. If the MTTR of the UPS is 1 hour, then the MTBF of the utility power will not have a great impact on the failure probability of the critical load. Obviously, lowering the MTTR of the UPS will reduce the failure probability of critical loads. The best way to reduce the MTTR of UPS is to minimize the factors that may affect UPS maintenance. Modular stand-alone UPS is naturally the best choice because of its online hot swap function.

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