What is the safety protection distance of the lead-acid battery factory?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-19
Label: What is the normal safety protection distance for lead-acid battery manufacturers? At present, my country's environmental protection department continues to use the 'Lead-acid Battery Factory Sanitary Protection Distance Standard' promulgated by the Ministry of Health in 1989. Among them, the health protection distance of lead-acid batteries is defined as: the minimum distance from the boundary of the department (workshop or work section) that produces harmful factors to the boundary of the residential area. In this standard, according to the scale of production and the average wind speed in the past 5 years, a protection distance of at least 300 meters and at most 800 meters is specified. The protective distance is the most basic requirement for battery production. 'The requirements for a 300-800-meter sanitary protection distance for lead-acid battery factories are only general sanitary protection distances, not pollution-free distances. The sanitary protection distances are formulated by the health department, and they are formulated from the perspective of hygiene and human health. Yes. Even if it is met, there is no guarantee that there will be no pollution; but if this standard is not met, health protection will be out of the question. In the 'Lead Storage Battery Industry Access Conditions' implemented on July 1, 2012, it is no. One point also refers to the safety protection in the layout of the enterprise. Therefore, the location of the lead-acid battery factory and the residential area should consider the influence of wind frequency and topography to minimize the pollution of the air environment in the residential area.
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