What is the reason for the reduced capacity of the forklift battery?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-15

The Ru0026D departments actively develop and design energy-saving products. In the industrial production and sales market, among the mechanical equipment vehicles, electric forklifts have the characteristics of easy handling, simple maintenance, quietness, and zero pollution, and they are developing rapidly in occupying certain sales markets. Electric forklifts are particularly suitable for actual operation in the room. At this stage, most electric forklifts on the sales market use batteries. Aimed at its cheap price. What is the reason for the reduced capacity of the forklift battery?

1. Long-term storage is unavoidable and will cause insufficient self-draining capacity. Because the battery has a long-term error, it must be recharged every time.

2. The front plate of the electric forklift battery is eroded, and the deformation causes the volume to be insufficient. The positive electrode of electric forklift battery is a key element that endangers the service life of the battery. The volume of the electric forklift battery battery charging cycle time is very much the decrease of the volume under the deep cycle time, which is closely related to the quality error of the front plate. The softening and falling of specific chemicals on the positive plate grid map. There are macroporosity and microporous plates in the microspecific chemicals. The macroporosity is composed of many small round holes, and the charging and discharging period is long. The specific chemistry The material surface is gathered, creating a key coral structure.

People’s electric forklift companies have discovered that the key reason for such a thing is that the electric forklift battery has a large charging current. Avoid the occurrence of the current that should guarantee the charge and discharge and avoid the phenomenon of overcharging or overdischarging.

Positive erosion deformation

The convective heat transfer coefficient lies in the composition of the aluminum alloy, but the higher the storage temperature, the faster the convective heat transfer coefficient and the heavier the charge and discharge depth. The more severe the erosion.

3. Vulcanized rubber for negative plate of electric forklift battery:

When everything is working normally, the pbso4 particles on the negative plate are small, which makes it easy to acquire lead during charging and discharging. , But sometimes the lead sulfate in the battery cannot be recovered.

There are many reasons that lead to negative polarization, such as the battery cannot be charged immediately, the battery is out of power for a long time, causing serious self-discharge, the electrolyte solution concentration value is too high, the long-term charging is not enough, and the long-term charging and discharging This type of lead sulfate cannot be reduced at high temperatures, so my electric forklift company feels that reducing specific chemical substances will definitely harm the volume of electric forklift batteries.

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