What is the rated voltage of a lead-acid battery?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-12

What is the rated voltage of a lead-acid battery?

   Simply put, different metals and conductors have different potential differences in acid solutions. The potential difference between lead sulfate and lead oxide in the acid solution is 2, so the lead-acid battery is 2V: 2V is the nominal voltage of the battery, which is related to the electromotive force of the actual battery, the electrode potential of the positive and negative plates of the battery, and the density of the electrolyte.

  The positive electrode of a fully charged lead-acid battery is PbO2, the negative electrode is Pb, and the electrolyte is H2SO4 dilute sulfuric acid solution. Since two different substances have different abilities to lose electrons in the electrolyte, there is a tendency for electrons to transfer from one substance to another. This trend is the electromotive force of the battery. The unit of measurement is volt V. The electromotive force of the battery can be roughly understood as the open circuit voltage of the battery.

   This value is only related to certain physical and chemical properties of the substance. It has nothing to do with the amount of material, geometry, etc. Therefore, as long as it is a lead-acid battery, its electromotive force (open circuit voltage) is about 2V, and we call the nominal voltage of this battery 2V. For a lead-acid battery within the usual range, its terminal voltage can be expressed by the following empirical formula Uu003d among them.

  U: the open circuit voltage of the battery, the unit is V; d: the electrolyte density, the unit g/cm3 The electrolyte density is usually around, so 2V is used to clean the inside of the lead-acid battery The structure of the lead-acid battery has a voltage of 2V and is connected in series through a bridge. If there are 6 single-cell batteries inside the battery, the rated voltage of the battery is 12V. Currently, most electric sweepers use a single 12V battery connected in series.

Using the characteristics of the capacitor to the pulse, the pulse is used to purify the pulse, which is also called the right shield. When the grid voltage is working normally, supply power to the load as shown in Figure 1-1. Moreover, the energy storage battery is charged at the same time; when there is a sudden power failure, the UPS power supply starts to work, and the energy storage battery supplies the power required by the load to maintain normal production (as shown in →); when the load is severely overloaded due to production needs , The grid voltage is rectified to directly supply power to the load (as shown by the dotted line). When the mains power is 380/220VAC, the working principle block diagram of the uninterruptible power supply is 1-2. The stabilization of 220V or 380V AC voltage is done by the converter. The stability depends on the stability of the oscillation of the converter.

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