What is the length of the life of lead-acid batteries?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-12

Which aspects determine the life of lead-acid batteries?

1. Deep charge and discharge

The deep charge and discharge layer means that the charge and discharge level has just begun in the entire application process termination. 100% deep charge and discharge full capacity. The lead life of lead-acid batteries is harmful to the depth of charge and discharge. The primary task of design thinking is deep circulation systems, shallow circulation systems or floating applications. If you use deep-cycle rechargeable batteries, lead-acid batteries can quickly fail.

Because of the unstable fusion of lead dioxide, the active material lead sulfate is converted to lead sulfate when the battery is charged and discharged, and the lead sulfate is restored to lead dioxide when the battery is charged. If the lead oxide of a molar tooth is converted into one mole of lead sulfate, the volume will increase by 95%. Therefore, the continuous convergence and rise of the fused lead dioxide particles will loosen slowly and easily fall. If only 20% of the lead dioxide active material can be charged and discharged, the degree of convergence and rise will be greatly reduced, and the comprehensive damage will slow down. The deeper the charge and discharge, the shorter the cycle life of the system.

2. Battery overcharge level

When the battery is charged, a large amount of steam will be dissolved, and the positive electrode material will be affected by the steam, which will cause the active material to decrease . In addition, the positive aluminum alloy is also subject to severe anodic oxidation corrosion, so the service life limit during charging is reduced.

3. Temperature damage

The life of lead-acid batteries increases with the increase of temperature. Between 10C35C, about 56 circulatory systems are increased, between 35C45C, 1C can extend the service life of 25 circulatory systems, and 50C or more can reduce the loss of life due to negative vulcanized rubber volume.

Within a certain temperature range, as the temperature increases, the number of cell cycles increases. If the charge and discharge volume remain unchanged, the charge volume and discharge volume decrease with the increase of temperature, and the solid service life will increase.

4. The influence of sulfuric acid concentration

The increase in acid relative density is beneficial to the volume of the positive electrode, but the battery life of rechargeable batteries increases, and the grid corrosion accelerates. Lead dioxide is loose, and as the relative density of the acid increases, the life of the circulatory system decreases.

5. The influence of the discharge current density

With the increase of the discharge current intensity, the service life of the rechargeable battery is reduced, because the high charge current intensity and the high acid concentration promote the positive dioxide Loosening of lead.

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