What is the function of the valve-controlled maintenance-free lead-acid battery safety valve

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-22
Label: The safety valve is one of the key components of the lead-acid battery. It is located on the top of the lead-acid battery. It has four functions: 1. Sealing. When the internal pressure of the battery is lower than the closing pressure of the safety valve, the safety valve is closed to prevent internal gas acid. The fog leaks out, and it also prevents air from entering the battery and causing adverse effects. 2. The safety function, that is, when the gas pressure generated inside the battery reaches the pressure of the safety valve during use, the valve is opened to release the pressure to prevent battery deformation, rupture, etc. 3. Explosion-proof function, some safety valves are equipped with anti-acid and anti-riot tablets. Such as batteries. 4. Ensure the normal internal pressure of the battery, promote the recombination of oxygen in the battery, and reduce water loss. There are many types of safety valve structures, mainly cap-shaped, umbrella-shaped, sheet-shaped, etc. The most common one is the hat-type raft, which is made of rubber with good elasticity into a hat-type. The structure is simple and the failure rate is low, so it is widely used. Valve-regulated maintenance-free lead-acid battery 12V38AH
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