What is the difference between the wound lead-acid battery and the traditional--

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-25
The working principle of the wound lead-acid battery is the same as that of the traditional lead-acid battery, it is only improved in the manufacturing process, and it is these improvements that make it have more excellent characteristics different from the traditional battery, mainly in the following Several aspects:    (1) Excellent high and low temperature performance wound lead-acid battery can work at -55℃~75℃. Because the wound lead-acid battery adopts spiral winding technology, the gap between the machine plate and the machine plate is extremely small, and the acid is a solid acid, which can be absorbed by the glass fiber mesh, and the whole structure is extremely compact. Therefore, at high temperatures, there is basically no bubbling phenomenon, and at low temperatures, there is no liquid acid to freeze, and there is no problem of reduced current output. According to the American SAE test standard, the wound lead-acid battery can be safely and quickly started and towed in the range of -55℃~75℃, while the applicable temperature range of ordinary batteries is generally only -10℃~40℃. This is also the fundamental reason why it can solve the low temperature conditions of the above-mentioned automatic hydrological measurement and reporting system.  (2) Very fast charging.   The wound lead-acid battery can charge more than 95% of the power in 40 minutes. Due to the extremely low internal resistance of the wound lead-acid battery, it can basically accept the charging current, and its own capacity is large, so there is no current limit when charging, and its general fast charging time can be fully loaded in about 1 hour. The internal resistance of ordinary batteries is relatively high, so part of the charging current will be converted into heat and dissipated, and the charging time is generally at least 6 hours. The wound lead-acid battery is made of high-purity lead, so its side reactions are much smaller than ordinary batteries, so the battery can be charged with a small current, and the charging efficiency can reach more than 90% even in rainy days.  (3) Ultra-long life    wound lead-acid battery is designed to have a floating charge life of more than 8 years. Because the active lead area of u200bu200bthe wound lead-acid battery is very large, its recovery ability after discharge is also very strong. According to the US SAE standard, in the J240 test, the number of starts of the wound lead-acid battery is as high as 15000 times. Compared with the general power and starting times of 2000-4000 times of ordinary batteries, the wound lead-acid battery has more powerful advantages.  (4) Small self-discharge electrode    Because the internal resistance of the wound lead-acid battery is extremely small, its self-discharge electrode is small when it is not in use. The wound lead-acid battery can be placed for two years without charging, so it is truly maintenance-free in a sense. Ordinary batteries must be charged after being left for 1-2 months at most.   Due to the above excellent performance, wound lead-acid batteries have been widely used in various fields such as hybrid electric vehicles, power tools, instrumentation, and wind power generation.
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