What is the charging polarization of lead-acid batteries?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-14
Tags: What is the charging polarization of lead-acid batteries? During the charging of lead-acid batteries, three polarization processes occur in the plates: Ohmic polarization, electrochemical polarization, and concentration difference polarization. Ohmic polarization: During the charging process of a lead-acid battery, electrons move from the anode to the cathode through the external wire; at the same time, there are directional movement of positive and negative ions in the solution. The ions in the solution need to overcome the resistance of the electrode plate, the electrolyte, and the battery separator. This resistance forms the ohmic polarization internal resistance of the battery. The ohmic polarization voltage conforms to Ohm's law: UΩu003dI*RΩ, the heat generated by the battery electrode during charging conforms to Joule's law: Qu003dI2RΩt. Electrochemical polarization: the charger delivers charge to the lead-acid battery plate faster than the plate The electrochemical reaction speed is too late to participate in the reaction of the electric charge on the electrode plate, causing the anode plate potential to deviate to the positive direction, and the cathode plate potential to deviate to the negative direction. Theoretically, the electrochemical polarization voltage is: U1u003d(RT/nF)*Ln(I/Io). Concentration difference polarization: The charging reaction of the two plates will produce sulfuric acid, which will cause the concentration of sulfuric acid near the plate to increase, which cannot diffuse quickly, and the reaction products are too late to be removed, which inhibits the speed of the reaction. You need to wait until the plate is near. The sulfuric acid molecules diffuse away, and the reaction speed can be restored. Therefore, during the charging process, the charger also needs to overcome the concentration difference polarization voltage: U2u003d(RT/nF)*Ln(Id/(Id-I)). According to the analysis of the charging and polarization process of lead-acid batteries, the following conclusions can be drawn: when charging, the charger needs to overcome the open circuit voltage and polarization voltage of the battery plate, the charging voltage Uu003dES+ΔU. Where ΔU is the ohmic polarization The sum of voltage, electrochemical polarization voltage, and concentration difference polarization voltage.
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