What is the cca value of a battery?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-16

Basic knowledge about the cca value of a battery and its capacity What is the cca value of a battery? What do you mean? The battery case of all cars is usually marked with a CCA value (ColdCrankingAmpere), which represents the capacity of the battery. That is to say, at 0°F (about minus °C), the 12-volt battery will continue to be 30 volts before the voltage drops to volts. The amount of current released per second. For example, a 12-volt battery case indicates that the CCA value is 600, which means that at 0°F, before the voltage drops to volts, it can provide 600 amperes (Ampere) for continuous 30 seconds. Flow rate. If there is no type number in some brands of batteries, the following method can be used to estimate the CCA value of the battery. Vehicle displacement is about the CCA value of 1,200CC~1,600CC 3501, 600CC~2,000CC 5002,000CC~3,000CC 650 3,000CC above 750 use test The higher the CCA value measured by the meter, the better the battery performance!

How does the temperature affect the battery? When it is cold, due to the fluidity of the battery Decrease, so the effect of the electrode plate is slow, and the effect of charging and discharging is poor. So when you start the engine in cold weather, you will find that the speed of the motor is slow. It is not that the battery has no electricity but the electricity can’t be used. Just warm the battery. Its energy can be restored. Fahrenheit temperature (℉) Celsius temperature (℃) battery start engine capacity 80℉℃100%100%32℉0℃65%165%0℉-℃40%250%-20 ℉℃25%350%

The capacity of the battery The capacity of the battery can be expressed in ampere hours (AH) or watt hours (WH). Such as: (1) Ampere hour (AH) notation: 20 hours of continuous discharge is generally used as the standard for the approved capacity. Calculation method: Discharge a fully charged battery at 80°F with a certain current for 20 hours continuously. After 20 hours, the voltage of a 6V battery will drop to the battery voltage, which is reduced to. After the battery is multiplied by 20, the product obtained is For this call

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