What is the cause of the electrolyte drying up due to the full-floating operation of the battery?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-11

  Is the electrolyte drying out due to the battery's full float charging operation?

  Cause analysis and treatment methods of battery dry failure. If the floating charge voltage is too high for a long time, it will cause a large amount of electrolysis and the loss of electrolyte moisture, causing the battery to dry out and fail. Experiments have proved that adding a certain amount of water can effectively reduce the polarization during charging and discharging, restore the actual capacity of the battery, and prolong the service life of the battery. Storage battery; ambient temperature; drying failure; loss of water causes the electrolyte in the battery (VRLAB) to be absorbed by the battery membrane, and there is no free electrolyte. It is a typical thin-liquid battery.

  He said: “Since its launch, the battery has been easy to operate and maintain, reduce the release of harmful gases, and greatly reduce The pollution of the environment is praised by users. 'After several years of operation and application, some problems have also been exposed, mainly in its short service life, usually less than 5 years, which is far from reaching the standard requirement of more than 10 years of design life. Through the analysis and testing of many failed batteries, it is proved that many batteries are due to improper use or high ambient temperature, which leads to excessive water loss and rapid water loss, making the battery unable to carry out chemical reactions. Cause the battery life to end prematurely. When installing the battery system, the battery must be charged, and the battery pack must be charged before being put into operation. The battery pack should be charged once every three months, or when the voltage of two or more batteries is less than 2.18V.

   The battery was put on hold for more than five months, and the battery completely floated for three months. The floating charging voltage is the charging voltage of the battery over a long period of time. Generally, it is more appropriate to set the full-float charging voltage to 2.23~2.25V/cell (25°C). If we do not work in this floating charging range, but use 2.35V/cell (25℃), thermal runaway will occur after 4 months of continuous charging. If we use 2.30V/cell (25℃), it will continue Thermal runaway will occur after 6 months and 8 months of charging. If 2.28V/cell (25°C) is used, severe capacity drops will occur within 12 months and 18 months, resulting in thermal runaway. The direct consequence of thermal runaway is the expansion of the battery shell, air leakage, and the loss of the battery's discharge function, which can only be scrapped. Therefore, the battery should also be selected reasonably during floating charging. A reasonable choice is the most important factor affecting battery life. Contact: Power Kingdom


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