What is online UPS power supply

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-28
Tags: What is an online UPS power supply? An online UPS power supply means that the power supply keeps its inverter in working condition. It first converts the external AC power into DC power through a circuit, and then converts the DC power into high quality through a high-quality inverter The sine wave alternating current is output to the computer. The main function of the online UPS under the power supply condition is to stabilize the voltage and prevent electric wave interference; in the event of a power failure, it uses a backup DC power supply (battery pack) to supply power to the inverter. Since the inverter is always working, there is no switching time problem, and it is suitable for occasions with strict requirements on the power supply. One of the major advantages of online UPS is that the power supply lasts for a long time, which is usually several hours or even more than ten hours. Its main function is to allow you to work as usual in the event of a power outage. Obviously , Due to its special function, the price is obviously a lot more expensive. This online UPS is more suitable for industries such as computer, transportation, banking, securities, communications, medical care, and industrial control, because computers in these fields generally do not allow power outages.
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