What is an energy storage battery?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-21
Tags: Energy storage batteries are used as a medium for storing electrical energy in solar power generation equipment, UPS power supplies and other electrical storage equipment. His main role is to store electrical energy and supply electrical energy when needed. Common energy storage batteries are lead-acid batteries. Energy storage batteries can be divided into the following three categories: 1 Exhaust-type lead-acid batteries for energy storage-batteries with devices capable of replenishing liquid and releasing gas on the battery cover. 2 Lead-acid batteries for valve-regulated energy storage-each battery is sealed, but all batteries have a valve that allows gas to escape when the internal pressure exceeds a certain value. 3 Lead-acid batteries for colloidal energy storage-batteries that use colloidal electrolytes. Lead-acid batteries for energy storage must have the following characteristics. 1 The temperature adaptability is strong, and it is generally required to operate normally in a temperature environment of -30-60 degrees. 2 The low-temperature performance of the battery is better, and it can be used even in areas where the temperature is relatively low. 3 The capacity consistency is good, and the consistency is maintained in the series and parallel use of batteries. 4 Good charge acceptance. In an unstable charging environment, there is a stronger charge acceptance. 5 Long life.
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