What is alternating current AC?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-29
Tags: What is alternating current AC? Alternating current is different from the direct current of the battery. It is a kind of electricity whose voltage, current magnitude and direction all change with time. Alternating current is generated by an alternator. During the power generation process, multiple pairs of magnetic poles are evenly distributed on a circle at a certain angle, so that during the power generation process, each coil cuts the magnetic line of force. Because there are multiple pairs of magnetic poles, each pair of magnetic poles produces The voltage and current generated by the cutting of the magnetic line of force are all changed according to the law of the string, so it can continuously generate a stable current. The frequency of alternating current is generally 50 Hz, which changes 50 times per second. Of course, there are other frequencies. For example, there are square waves, triangles, etc. in electronic circuits, but these waveforms of alternating current are not generated by conductor cutting magnetic lines, but capacitor charging and discharging. , Produced when switching transistors work
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