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What is a Front Terminal Battery?

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What is a Front Terminal Battery?

What is a Front Terminal Battery?


Professionals in the telecommunications industry are likely familiar with front terminal batteries. These batteries are commonly used in telecom rooms, base stations, and UPS power supplies. Typically, the two connection terminals of a flat lead-acid battery are arranged diagonally, whereas in front terminal batteries, the terminals are placed on one side of the short edge. It is observed that the injection ports of a standard front terminal battery are arranged in two rows of three, whereas batteries with diagonally placed terminals have six ports in a single row.

Characteristics of Front Terminal Batteries

* Front terminal batteries are designed for ease of maintenance and exhibit high safety performance.

These batteries have a low self-discharge rate and a long lifespan, maintaining stable performance over extended periods.

* With high corrosion resistance and low internal resistance, front terminal batteries perform well even in challenging environments.

Advantages of Front Terminal Batteries

Front terminal batteries, also known as elongated batteries, have a profile width close to 19 inches or 23 inches. The basic principle and structure of front terminal batteries are similar to those of 2V storage batteries. The primary difference is that front terminal batteries connect six 2V cells of the same capacity in series, placing them in a battery casing with six slots, resulting in a narrow and long structure. The length-width-height ratio of front terminal batteries reaches 3:4:5, increasing the surface area and enhancing heat dissipation, which significantly reduces the risk of thermal runaway.

Additionally, front terminal batteries feature a front terminal design for external connections, with the wiring position located at the front half of the battery, making wiring convenient.

When front terminal batteries are placed vertically, there is no need to leave maintenance space between the shelves, reducing the size of the machine room and making installation and maintenance much easier.

In terms of energy conservation, reduced emissions, manufacturing costs, product uniformity, and installation controls, front terminal batteries outperform traditional 2V batteries. Internationally, front terminal batteries are widely used in the field of telecom power supplies.


Front terminal batteries have broad application prospects in the telecommunications industry. They meet the high power supply requirements of telecom rooms, base stations, and data centers, and offer numerous advantages such as easy maintenance, efficient space utilization, and excellent electrical performance. As communication technology continues to evolve, front terminal batteries will play an increasingly important role in the telecommunications industry.

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