What is a deep cycle battery? How long is the service life?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-11

What is a deep cycle battery? As the name implies, it is common to say that the deep discharge of general lead-acid batteries is about %, but deep cycle batteries can be deeply discharged to %, which can put the battery's power to a very low level, even if it is discharged in this way, it will not cause damage to the battery, and its service life It will also be shortened. Performance characteristics of deep-cycle batteries: Unique deep-cycle design, thick plates and high-density active materials, longer life in deep-cycle applications, good recovery performance from deep discharge, large capacity, high specific energy, Self-discharge is small (the battery voltage will drop very slowly when stored at high temperature, the internal resistance of the battery is low, and the consistency is good. It is very suitable for solar energy and use. It is difficult to determine the composition of R3 for charging current and required charging time. Limit 50Hz AC current The 3rd and 5th harmonics.

Which areas are the main applications of deep-cycle batteries?

Solar energy systems, golf carts, Electric wheelchairs, sweepers, electric forklifts.

How long is the service life of deep-cycle batteries? What is the general warranty?

It depends on the applicable environment. If the ambient temperature is high, then generally Say, based on degrees, the life span is reduced by half per liter height, and there are charging conditions. If you often undercharge and charge less than discharged, then it will quickly 'broken'. The charging capacity for a single cycle should be More than twice the discharge capacity. In addition to the quartz clock, there is also the depth of discharge. For example, if only% of the actual battery capacity is discharged each time, it can be cycled more than once, which is about a year, but if it is in% each time, it will only be more than a year. If it’s %, it’s about a year. Generally, the battery production warranty period is about one year. Of course, there are many years of warranty period in the market. How to charge lead-acid batteries? The charging methods for lead-acid batteries are generally available. There are several types, generally DC charging, switching power supply, DC inverter for voltage to charge the battery, and the other is the solar panel to charge the battery, lead-acid battery, each cell voltage, float charging voltage, equalizing charging (equal charging voltage, Slow discharge (more than hours to discharge the cut-off voltage, rapid discharge (the cut-off voltage is discharged within an hour, and the cut-off voltage is used when the discharge is completed within an hour. Discharging after reaching the cut-off voltage will greatly damage the battery life. It means that the battery needs to be replaced by microcomputer control. The voltage stabilization speed is faster and the accuracy is high.

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