What is a colloidal battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-17
Tags: What is a colloidal battery? Many people don’t know that the original colloidal battery is also a kind of lead-acid battery. The colloidal battery is an improvement of the ordinary lead-acid battery with liquid electrolyte. It replaces the sulfuric acid electrolyte with the colloidal electrolyte. Compared with ordinary batteries, the power storage capacity, discharge performance and service life are improved. Its performance is better than valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries. It has strong adaptability to ambient temperature (high and low temperature), strong ability to withstand long-term discharge, cyclic discharge, deep discharge and large current discharge, and has overcharge and overdischarge self-discharge. Protection and other advantages. The gelling agent for colloidal batteries is fumed silica. Fumed silica is a kind of high-purity white and odorless nano-powder material. It has the functions of thickening, anti-caking, controlling the rheology and thixotropy of the system, except for the traditional In addition to application, it has been widely used in colloidal batteries in recent years. The main features of colloidal batteries are as follows: 1. Fumed silica is formulated with high-quality colloids, the electrolyte is evenly distributed and there is no acid layering. 2. The electrolyte is in a gel-fixed state, does not flow, and does not leak, so that each part of the electrode plate reacts evenly. 3. Using tight assembly technology, it has excellent high-rate discharge performance. 4. Excess electrolyte, the battery has large heat capacity, strong heat dissipation ability, and wide operating temperature range. 5. All high-purity raw materials are used, and the self-discharge electrode of the battery is small. 6. Using gas recombination technology, the battery has extremely high sealing reaction efficiency, no acid mist is deposited, safe and environmentally friendly, and pollution-free. 7. Special design and highly reliable sealing technology are adopted to ensure that the battery is sealed, safe and reliable in use.
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