What equipment does the battery anti-theft have?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-12

  What equipment does the battery guard against theft have?

   Recently, a friend of mine complained to me that the battery in his truck was stolen twice in three months, and whether there was a battery anti-theft device. With the development of cities, cars have become necessities. Many car owners do not have garages and habitually sleep on the streets. Some lawbreakers have become more and more rampant in the theft of batteries at night. How to prevent theft of batteries? Below I will share with you several commonly used battery anti-theft devices.

  ①. GPS positioning function of the battery anti-theft device:

   After receiving the signal transmitted by the mercury switch, the battery anti-theft device manages to the GPS at the same time The platform transmits an alarm signal, which is sent every certain time, and then processed by the GPS management platform management system, you can see the escape route of the thief, so as to realize the pursuit.

  ②. The battery anti-theft device GSM SMS alarm function:

   The battery anti-theft device will immediately report to The mobile phone number that has been set up before will send an alarm message, and the police will be notified as soon as possible. (After the anti-theft system is turned on, you can disarm and re-arm through the SMS service password to cancel the alarm. If the alarm is not cancelled, the system will send a SMS alarm to the mobile phone every three minutes.)

  ③. Battery anti-theft device phone monitoring function:

   Battery anti-theft device has a built-in voice transmission system, the system is automatically set, and the phone number of the alarm is dialed to the battery anti-theft The system will automatically answer when the device is numbered, so that you can understand the surrounding environment of the battery.

  ④. Battery anti-theft device vibration detection function:

   The base station battery anti-theft device is equipped with mercury switch vibration detection function, When the thief touches the battery, the small ball in the mercury switch will move, and the current signal has been set and transmitted to the alarm. (Due to the extremely high sensitivity of the mercury switch, the battery anti-theft device generally has a false alarm prevention program, and the correct alarm signal is only obtained when the mercury switch is touched three times.)

   above , The four battery anti-theft devices are currently more commonly used. If you want to buy, you can choose according to your actual needs and some anti-theft performance. Contact: 18038382979


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