What effect does the initial charging of the battery have on the battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-11

The initial charge of the battery is called the initial charge, and the initial charge has a great influence on the battery's life cycle and charge capacity. If the battery is under-charged, the charge capacity of the battery will not be high and the service cycle will be short; if the battery is overcharged, the battery's electrical equipment will function well, but the service cycle will be shortened. Therefore, the new battery should be carefully stopped for initial charging. For dry-charged batteries and differentially polarized lead-acid batteries, according to the manual, although the two-year storage period has been divided and applicable, as long as the electrolyte with the specified density is placed for 15 minutes, it can be put into use without charging. However, if the storage period exceeds 2 years, because there is an air oxidation unit on the plate to develop its positive charge volume, stop charging before use, and charge the battery for 5h-8h. In order to replace the new rechargeable battery, we should choose the same rechargeable battery as the manufacturer.

Of course, the use of lithium-ion batteries must be postponed, not only to maintain the application, but also to select resistance, electrical characteristics, capacitance, and size that consider load characteristics. In order to prevent the rechargeable battery from being damaged due to too small charge and discharge current, it is not necessary to keep the rechargeable battery running for a long time.

Some drivers often neglect to recharge the battery in the car. Because the battery in the car battery is incompletely charged, it is easy to cause the electrode plate to vulcanize; in addition, the external charge and discharge volume is not in the gas balance. If the charge and discharge volume exceeds the battery charge and the battery is formed for a long time, the electrode will gradually vulcanize the rubber. 5-Lithium battery electrolyte reduces the proportion of lithium ion battery electrolyte, adds a unique hydraulic corrosion inhibitor, reduces the corrosion of the electrode plate, reduces the formation of hydraulic layers, and improves the battery's charging capacity and discharge characteristics. This kind of diffusion vulcanized rubber will continuously reduce the positive charge of the battery, and the curve will begin to fatigue, greatly shortening the battery's life cycle. In order to immediately reduce the specific capacity of the battery electrode plate, reduce the vulcanized rubber, and develop the positive charge of the battery. Speed u200bu200bup the establishment of mandatory evaluation rules for renewable energy power generation quotas and management of green power engineering qualification certificates.

Continuously develop the level of consumption distribution and environmental pollution control. We should already have the basis of consumer processing technology, environmental protection and processing technology, and further develop a positive consumption level and closed control mode, slowly complete the entire process of environmental pollution control, and indeed reduce environmental pollution.

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