What device determines the length of UPS power backup time?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-28
Label: What device determines the length of the UPS power backup time? In the entire UPS power system, the battery is the device that determines the length of the UPS power backup time, but the size of the battery capacity is reflected by the indicator 'Ampere Hour (AH)It is the time to discharge at the specified current. The battery with the same voltage has a large capacity with a large ampere hour; the battery with the same ampere hour has a large capacity with a high voltage. The battery capacity is usually expressed by the voltage and the ampere hour, such as 12V/7AH, 12V/24AH, 12V/ 65AH, 12V/100AH.   Ordinary backup UPS power supplies generally have a built-in 4AH or 7AH battery. This is also the standard machine we often say. The battery capacity is fixed, so the power supply time is determined by the size of the UPS load. In addition, the UPS power supply also has a long-term model (long machine) equipped with a large-capacity battery, and the user can determine the battery with a large capacity according to the backup time that needs to be realized. Batteries are an important part of UPS power supply, occupying a large proportion of value, and their quality is directly related to the normal use of UPS, so you should carefully choose genuine batteries with quality assurance, Guangdong's top ten famous brand UPS batteries, it is you First choice for backup energy storage.
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