What details should be paid attention to when using the battery?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-16

Battery has always been an indispensable part of construction machinery. It has important functions such as power supply, driving motor, and driving engine for on-board electrical equipment. The working performance and service life of the battery are not only related to its own internal structure and quality, but also related to daily maintenance. Improper use and storage will cause the battery to not exert its best performance. Pay attention to the following points in the daily use and storage of the battery:

If the air hole is blocked, gas will be generated when the battery is in use. If the air is not well ventilated, it will cause the battery to swell and deform. In daily use, prevent the air hole from being blocked.

In the process of adding electrolyte, the electrolyte will be lost during the use of the battery. You should pay attention to adding electrolyte in an appropriate amount in a timely manner.

Don’t configure the electrolyte by yourself. When replenishing the electrolyte, you need to ensure the quality of the electrolyte, so as to prevent the electrolyte from being mixed with impurities to affect the use of the battery, the user or the manufacturer It is best not to configure the electrolyte by yourself.

The presence or absence of insulation material covering the battery, water stains and dust accumulation will cause the discharge and short circuit between the battery electrodes. During storage, installation and use When using a battery, it is best to cover the top of the battery with a clean, insulating material.

When installing the battery, it is strictly prohibited to use a hammer or hard object to hit any part of the battery. Do not install it forcibly.

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