What are the working methods of UPS power supply? Today, the editor will take you to interpret

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-15

UPS power supply is a relatively common emergency power system, and its working mode is different when the mains power is normal and abnormal. The following describes the four working modes of UPS power: normal Operation, battery operation, bypass operation and bypass maintenance.

  1. Normal operation mode

   The power supply principle of the UPS power system is that when the mains power is normal, the machine will The alternating current of electricity is converted to direct current, and then the battery is charged for use when the power is interrupted; it should be emphasized that the uninterruptible power supply system does not work only when the power is cut off, such as when the voltage is too low or too high, transient surges, etc. When the power quality is sufficient to affect the normal operation of the equipment, the UPS system is in working condition to provide stable and clean power for the load equipment.

  Second, bypass operation mode

   When the online UPS encounters power overload, bypass command (manual or automatic) , The inverter is overheated or the machine fails, the UPS power supply generally converts the inverter output to the bypass output, that is, it is directly supplied by the mains. Since the UPS output frequency phase needs to be the same as the mains frequency during bypass, the phase lock synchronization technology is adopted to ensure that the UPS power output is synchronized with the mains. The parallel operation mode of bypass switch triacs solves the problem of bypass switching time, truly achieves zero-time switching, and the control circuit is complicated. It is generally used in medium and high-power UPS power supplies. If the UPS is overloaded, the load must be reduced artificially, otherwise the bypass short circuiter will automatically cut off the output.


Three. Battery working method

   Once the mains power is abnormal, the DC power stored in the battery will be converted to AC power At this time, the input of the inverter is supplied by the battery pack, the inverter continues to provide power, and the load continues to be used to achieve the continuous power supply function. The power source of the UPS power system is the battery, and the capacity of the battery is limited. Therefore, the UPS system will not continuously supply power like the city power. Therefore, no matter how large the capacity of the uninterruptible power system is, under its fully loaded state, it will The power supply time must be limited. If you want to extend the discharge time, you must purchase a long delay UPS power supply.

  4. Bypass maintenance method

   When the UPS power supply is overhauled, manually set the bypass to ensure the load equipment Normal power supply. When the maintenance operation is completed, restart the UPS power supply, and the UPS power supply will turn to normal operation at this time.

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