What are the types of lead-acid batteries?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

With the continuous improvement of the performance and energy conservation and environmental protection requirements of electric vehicles, lithium batteries have gradually replaced lead and acid batteries, but the batteries are not always usable, even high-performance lithium batteries are no exception. After using for a certain period of time, neither the power performance nor the endurance can meet the demand, and the only choice is to replace it.

The reason for the scrapping of electric vehicle batteries is relatively more complicated. In addition to scrapping due to vulcanization, customers use incorrectly: long-term over-discharge, over-charging, and high-current discharge, resulting in a certain percentage of battery scrap. Because the reasons for its scrap are relatively complicated, and some battery repair practitioners are limited by their own conditions and some false propaganda of so-called repairer manufacturers, the industry thinks too ideally, most of them choose to repair electric vehicle batteries, and wait until In actual operation, it was discovered that it was too far away from the propaganda of the so-called repair instrument manufacturer, which made the business unsustainable and had to think of other ways.

Lead-acid battery is a chemical power source widely used in the world. It has the advantages of high safety, stable voltage, abundant raw materials, high recycling rate and so on. Lead-acid battery Repair fluids are widely used in many fields.

Lead-acid batteries are composed of shells, separators, plates, grids, electrolyte (sulfuric acid) and different closed forms. When the battery is fully charged, the plates are lead dioxide and velvet lead, and the concentration of the electrolyte reaches the highest point. As the discharge ends, lead sulfate forms on the plates, and the concentration of the electrolyte drops to a minimum.

What types of lead-acid batteries are there?

There are many classification methods for lead-acid batteries, such as 2V series batteries, 4V series batteries, 6V series batteries, 12V series batteries, 24V series batteries according to different voltages. There are also different classifications according to different uses. For example, car batteries, motorcycle batteries, electric bicycle batteries, solar batteries and so on. With the continuous expansion of the application of lead-acid batteries, deep-cycle batteries have appeared. So what kind of batteries can be regarded as deep-cycle batteries? In terms of battery performance, this type of battery is suitable for deep discharge, which is 100%. After deep discharge, the battery is restored to its pre-discharge capacity by charging. In terms of the manufacturing process of deep-cycle batteries, the repair liquid for automobile start-up lead-acid batteries is also very different from ordinary lead-acid. Different manufacturers have different processes to achieve this.

Avoid the loss of internal energy of the battery. Therefore, in order to ensure that the above-mentioned reaction system can fully function, the battery is designed as a sealed structure, which is often referred to as a valve-controlled seal. Lead-acid batteries (VRLA batteries). The nominal value of the capacity of the lead-acid battery repair fluid VRLA battery is expressed in ampere-hours (Ah), which is the product of the discharge current and the time for the battery to discharge to the specified termination voltage.

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