What are the three types of energy storage batteries and some problems that need to be paid attention to during the installation process

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-11

   Which three energy storage methods can be divided into

   Lead-acid battery for exhaust gas-liquid battery and two county-used gas devices on the battery cover.

  (2) Lead-acid batteries for valve control energy storage-all batteries are sealed, but all batteries have valves. When the internal pressure far exceeds a certain value, these All valves allow gas discharge.

  GB/T1297-1989 accumulator battery

  Several issues that should be paid attention to in the installation of energy storage equipment

   Before installing and using the energy storage battery, please read the product technical manual and installation drawing carefully, and install it as required. Special attention should be paid to the following during installation:

   1. The installation plan should be based on the site, area and surrounding environment, such as: ground load, ventilation environment, sunlight, computer room layout, and convenient maintenance Wait for design. For outdoor batteries, special attention should be paid to objective factors such as waterproof and dustproof.

  2. The installation of different types of batteries or the difference in battery capacity shall not be confused.

   Check the appearance of the battery before installation, check whether there is leakage, shell damage, and open circuit voltage. Be careful not to touch the battery when handling it, and do a good job of protecting it.

  The battery is a 100% charging factory, and must be handled carefully to avoid short circuits. When installing, use insulated tools and wear insulated gloves to prevent electric shock.

  5. The battery is stored in an environment of -20 to 40°C before installation, and the storage time is 3 months (from the date of shipment of the battery). If the battery exceeds 3 months, it should work for 24 hours under (20℃) constant voltage and current limiting conditions.

  Connect the installation diagram, connect the battery connection between the column, the layer and the panel terminal. Before installing the positive and negative connections and the entire power supply system, carefully check the positive and negative polarity and measure the system voltage. At the same time, the battery parameters of the device should be set. After the connection is completed, pay attention to the terminals and protective sleeves connected to the copper tape to prevent short circuits.

  6. When connecting the energy storage battery, the screws must be spare, and at the same time, prevent excessive tightening force from damaging the extremely copper insertion or lead terminals. 7. At the end of the installation, check the system voltage and the positive and negative directions of the battery again to ensure that the battery is installed correctly.

   After installation, use a clean soft cloth to clean the battery case, cover, panel and connecting wires. Do not use organic solvents to clean the battery cover and other parts. At the same time, clean the surrounding environment where the battery is installed, pay attention to ventilation, dust, and waterproof.


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