What are the significant external characteristics of forklift battery vulcanization?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-12

What are the significant external characteristics of forklift battery vulcanization?

The significant external characteristic of forklift battery vulcanization is the decrease in battery capacity and the increase in internal resistance. Of course, if the rechargeable battery is short of water and the positive plate is softened, it also has this external characteristic. The main results are as follows: the bubbles appear earlier when the battery is charged, and the relative density of the electrolyte increases slowly. When the battery is charged, the terminal voltage rises rapidly, the working voltage rises up and down, and the internal resistance expands. The battery electrolyte plate does not sulfide the lead-acid battery. When the battery is charged, the terminal voltage drops rapidly, and the battery capacity test is carried out. The relative density of the battery electrolyte is lower than the standard. Generally, the working voltage decreases after charging and discharging for 1 to 2 hours, the electrode plate is abnormal in color, the positive electrode plate is light brown (some milky white), the negative phase changes to gray, and there are small luminous particles on the surface of the positive and negative electrode plates; current battery charging 20 Hourly ratio and hydraulic ratio, the ratio of current battery charging for 10 hours is 1/5, until the positive and negative electrode plates are all smoke, the relative density of battery electrolyte does not increase.

Slight battery vulcanization can also be repaired in some aspects; more serious is when the power level is invalid, no charging, choose more serious vulcanized rubber battery charging The method cannot repair the volume. The rechargeable battery will be prepaid. How many ways are there to remove vulcanization? What characteristics? The essence is to soften the milky white hard lead sulfate crystals, optimize melting, improve the working ability of cross-electrode chemical changes, and make it excellent in repair performance. The battery is gradually discharged after 10 hours of current to hydraulic ratio, 1/5 of the battery is charged in 10 hours of current, 1/5 of the battery is discharged until the cathode plate is uniformly discharged, the relative density of the lithium battery electrolyte has not increased, and the current is continuous at a rate of 20 hours. Charging is bubbling (terminal voltage 2..4V/pc), stop charging for half an hour, then use 1/4 of the charging current for 10 hours to continue charging until there is a big bubble in the electrolyte, stop charging for another 20 minutes, and repeat Several times, continue for several days and nights, until the electrical returns to normal, avoid excessive discharge, because the greater the depth of discharge, the more frequent the charge, the active material PbO2 of the positive electrode has a weak structure, the volume of the active material expands during charging, the volume shrinks during charging, and discharges The deeper the volume, the more violent the volume expansion and contraction will be. Repeatedly, the mutual structure between PbO2 particles will gradually relax and then fall off to form vulcanization.

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