What are the reasons for the heat generated by battery discharge?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

   (1) Discharge heat reason: Discharge too fast, it may be that the battery capacity is small, and the discharge current exceeds 0.5C for a long time. It is emphasized here that after short-distance driving, although the battery consumes a certain amount of power, after a standstill, the battery has a recovery process, and the electrochemical process of the plate continues, so the voltage will rise, but it does not mean that the capacity will rise; On the contrary, when driving for long distances without stopping on the road, the electrochemical effect of the plates and the consumption of electric energy are carried out at the same time. There will be three situations:

   ①When the rated voltage of the motor is low, the battery capacity is relatively low. If it is small, the working current is too large, the voltage will drop sharply, and the capacity will be quickly exhausted, which is the most unfavorable for the battery.

   ② The electrochemical reaction speed of the battery can only maintain driving, and the battery has no chance of recovery and breathing. It is often charged and discharged in a full cycle, and it will be over-consumed if you don't pay attention to it. When facing uphill or windward, the power consumption is very large, forcing the battery plate to react sharply, and the heat of the battery shell is higher, which will damage the battery and shorten the life, indicating that the capacity is not surplus.

   ③ It is ideal that the electrochemical reaction speed of the battery can calmly supply enough electric energy. The outer shell of the battery has no abnormal heat, indicating that the battery capacity is surplus.

   Of the three situations, only the last one is ideal for long-distance driving. It should be noted that the battery shell is obviously hot, and the internal battery itself becomes even hotter.

  64. What are the reasons for the heating of the battery during charging?

   During the charging process of a battery, part of the electrical energy is converted into chemical energy, and part of it is converted into heat and other energy. It is normal for rechargeable batteries to generate heat, but when the temperature is high, check whether the charging current is too large or the battery is short-circuited.

   The amount of heat generated is relatively related to the amount of electrolyte. If the amount of electrolyte in a sealed battery is small, the internal resistance will increase, which will also cause the battery to heat up and the terminal voltage will be high during charging. The aging of the battery, the drying of the electrolyte, and the short circuit inside can also cause heat. The charger can not keep constant voltage in the later stage of charging, so that the battery voltage will exceed the allowable value, the temperature will rise, severely will swell, and the life will end.

   During use, try not to put it horizontally or upside down to prevent the large amount of gas inside the battery from being discharged from the bleed valve smoothly, especially when charging, otherwise it may Causes the shell to burst.

  65. After adding electrolyte to the new lead-acid battery, what is the reason for the temperature increase?

   After adding electrolyte to a new battery, the temperature rise is related to the internal factors of the new battery. The temperature of the dry-charged battery increases after adding liquid, and the temperature of the battery is not very obvious. This is because the dry-charged electrode plate has undergone anti-oxidation treatment, and the battery is fully charged after delivery. Without anti-oxidation treatment, the negative plate is in a semi-charged state, and a considerable part of the material is in the reaction of lead oxide and dilute sulfuric acid to generate a lot of heat, so the temperature is very high. In summer, the temperature sometimes reaches 50°C or more, so you need to pay attention to artificial cooling when charging.


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