What are the problems before the car battery fails?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-13

The service life of a car battery is generally 3 years. During regular maintenance of the car, the car repair union will check and tell you whether it needs to be replaced. Of course, the specific situation depends on your driving habits. The editor will not see a new car. A year, the battery loses a lot of electricity, which is mainly related to the driver's driving.

The normal working voltage of the battery is about 12V. When the generator is charged after starting, the voltage will rise to about 13-14V. Many cars have a voltage check function. Pay attention to the voltage changes before and after starting to identify the battery. For good or bad, if the vehicle is already lower than 12V before starting or is lower than 13V after starting, then we should consider the battery problem.

When you encounter the following situations, please pay attention. Your car battery is about to be replaced. What are the problems before the car battery fails?

1. Car start difficult

In the absence of other factors, if your car suddenly has difficulty starting, it may be that the battery is about to fail The precursor, if there is another possibility in winter, it is the so-called cold start difficulty.

2. When the car is idling, the lights dim

For example, when waiting for a red light or temporarily stopping, your headlights suddenly dim. This is because the charging power of the engine decreases during idling. If the battery is almost out of use at this time, and other equipment in the car needs to be powered at the same time, the headlights of the car consume a lot of electricity, and there will be insufficient power supply, which causes the lights to dim .

3. The battery failure light is on

When the battery failure light is on, it is to remind you that you should go to the repair shop for maintenance and inspection of the battery.

4. Abnormal noise occurs when starting

Because the battery discharge capacity becomes weak, the starter will squeak due to poor operation. It is especially obvious at low temperatures, because the battery's activity will be reduced when the weather is cold, and it will be improved or disappear when the weather gets warmer, so many car owners don't care.

5. The light of the battery observation hole is black

There is an observation hole on the maintenance-free battery, and the light of the observation hole indicates whether the battery is working well. Green is good, black is to replace the battery, but some car owners will also complain that this light is not very reliable, obviously green can not start the car, the observation hole as a simple reference.

6. Bulging and liquid leakage appear on the surface of the battery

Here is mainly to see whether the battery is bulging and leaking. If you find such If you do not replace it, there will be a safety hazard. Remember to replace it.

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