What are the misunderstandings in the use of batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-15

Even if many people like to use the battery, it will sometimes drop. Then how do we judge the rapid drop and the way to eliminate it? The battery capacity drops phenomenon and the starter is difficult to start. Weak operation. The headlight effect is weak, the speaker is weak, the volume of the battery is reduced, and the large current caused by the falling of the electrode active material.

Reason for the decrease in battery capacity

First, the active material of the electrode plate falls off due to excessive charging current,

Second, the relative density of the battery electrolyte decreases ,

Three, the output voltage of the generator on the car is low, so that the battery is often under-charged.

Four, the starter often works for a long time, resulting in long-term high-current discharge.

Fifth, the temperature is too low.

Diagnosing and eliminating the starter's difficulty in starting and running weakly due to the capacity drop of the battery may be caused by two reasons-the battery is not fully charged. It is an external cause; the second is the internal structure of the battery is damaged.

What are the misunderstandings in battery use?

Wrong car battery application concepts should be actively mastered. Actively mastering the wrong car battery application concepts can prevent related hazards, and then do something about the wrong car battery application concepts


Misunderstanding 1: When using maintenance-free batteries, simply think that maintenance-free means that there is no need for any maintenance.

Misunderstanding 2 There is no need to solve the erosion of the surface of the connection point of the two battery poles. If the surface is corroded, the inner surface of the connector will also be corroded, and the resistance expansion will be harmful to all normal battery charging and discharging. It must be handled properly.

Misunderstanding 3: When the liquid level is low, fill the lithium battery electrolyte or add mineral water instead of pure water. If you add a lithium battery electrolyte containing hydrochloric acid, the concentration of the lithium battery electrolyte in the battery will expand, which will cause burning, organic gas and other conditions, which will cause more serious damage to the battery life; edible mineral water replaces pure water, which contains a variety of nutrients Mineral water has a negative impact on the battery.

Misunderstanding: The relative density of the electrolyte of four lithium batteries is not regularly tested and adjusted, which is very temporary in winter.

Misunderstanding 5 is that the battery is used to start in winter, and the starter is used continuously, and the battery is damaged by charging and discharging.

This article analyzes the misconceptions of automotive battery applications. Through digestion and absorption, the foundation of automotive batteries is transformed into lithium battery electrolyte.

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