What are the matters needing attention in the installation of UPS battery power supply?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-06

  What are the matters needing attention in the installation of UPS power supply?

  1) Power distribution requirements: UPS, EPS power supply equipment input and output wiring, the user should connect it in advance and pull it to the installation site to reserve a certain length ( Generally reserve 1-1.5m long) for smooth installation of the machine after it arrives on site. For installations that require the factory to send personnel, the user should prepare everything (including the power supply and load is ready) before the factory can send personnel to start.

   2) Selection of input and output lines: the selection of machine input and output line diameters shall be in strict accordance with the national electricity safety standards. Special attention: for three-in-single-out machines, its bypass The inlet wire diameter of the live wire and the neutral wire must be 3 times that of the other two-phase live wires! Line type/line load maximum current reference:

  (1) 2.5m㎡ type: 2.5×8A, (2) 6m㎡ type: 6×7A(3) 10m㎡ Type: 10×6A(4)16m㎡Type: 16×5A

  (5)25m㎡Type: 25×5A (6)35m㎡Type: 35×4A ( 7) 55m㎡ type: 55×4A(5) 75m㎡ type: 75×3A

   3) Wiring points: all input and output copper core wires are best to use more The core cord is better, which is convenient for users to wire and is also conducive to machine wiring. The underground wiring of the input and output of the machine should have a metal sheath (especially the wiring under the anti-static floor of the machine room) to prevent rat bites, accidental breakage, burning, etc.; the metal sheath can also shield electromagnetic Interference is conducive to the underground routing of signal lines of communication equipment.

  4) Requirements of the output line: When the user is wiring, the output of the machine must be pulled separately! The output sockets are strictly separated from the output sockets of other equipment to protect the normal operation of the equipment and must be marked with eye-catching signs. To prevent other power equipment from damaging the power supply. UPS and EPS are precision power supplies, which are more suitable for computer-type weak inductive loads. They cannot be plugged in with too many complicated frequency changes, excessive impulse currents, and excessive voltage fluctuations! For use, the power matching ratio of UPS, EPS and production equipment such as such strong inductive loads or placement machines as well as medical equipment such as CT machines and MIC magnetic resonance must be above 4:1. Similarly, the power matching ratio of conventional EPS and power equipment is above 5:1!

  5) Safety grounding: check the grounding wire. The quality of the grounding is very important. It is very important to prevent the shell from being charged and lightning protection. It depends on the grounding. Whether the resistance meets the national standard, the input air switch or circuit breaker should be installed in the power distribution cabinet at the front of the machine input (the neutral line must not be set separately), which is used for periodic discharge testing of the UPS/EPS battery, but its model should not be too small. It should be slightly larger than the UPS maximum input current to avoid frequent tripping caused by its low power. No leakage protection switch should be connected to the front end of UPS and EPS input!

  6) Load three-phase balance: The power distribution of the three-phase power in the user distribution cabinet should be balanced as far as possible. If the distribution difference is too large, the neutral line (zero Line) Excessive current and high zero-to-ground voltage will cause unsafe operation of the machine and even cause fire accidents! It will cause damage to precision loads such as servers, or even direct damage!

  7) Operating environment: UPS and EPS should not be placed in a humid, dirty, and air-free environment; small UPS should not be directly stacked on the ground, and should be provided at the bottom Cushion to prevent condensation inside the machine in the wet spring! It is best to place medium and large machines in a dedicated machine room. A good operating environment (such as less dust, suitable ambient temperature, humidity, etc.) can greatly extend the service life of the machine and various loads of users. When the ambient temperature is above 25℃, the service life of the battery will be halved for every 10℃ increase! If the ambient temperature is above 30°C, the service life of the machine is halved for every 10°C increase!

  8) Ventilation/load-bearing safety: The machine should be placed so that the air inlet/outlet duct of the machine is not less than 30 cm away from the wall to facilitate the heat dissipation of the machine! For batteries equipped with medium and large UPS long-time delay models, the load-bearing pressure of the floor must also be considered (international standard: office buildings are not more than 1,000 kg per square meter, and industrial plants are not more than 1,400 kg). If they exceed the standard, the load area must be increased. The solution can be solved by reducing the pressure, generally by installing large-area steel plates or increasing the number of battery cabinets.

  9) Installation inspection: Before installing the Zhongda machine, open the door of the machine and check the circuit boards, cables, DC capacitors, fuses, and screws of the module. Whether the wires, mechanical parts, transformers, etc. are loose or fall off. Check whether the connection of each line is correct.

  Description: (A) The above process is to prevent the machine from having a great vibration during transportation and causing bad phenomena.

  10) Phase sequence requirements: The input wiring of the three-phase UPS machine has phase sequence requirements (EPS does not require). Connect the utility power R, S, T, and N to the UPS according to the phase sequence, then connect the ground wire and shake it by hand to see if the wire is loose and lock it. After confirming the phase sequence of R, S, T, use a multimeter to measure the voltage of RN, SN, and TN within the range of 220V±25%, and the frequency is 50Hz±1; turn on the machine's mains input switch, and then turn on the machine's automatic bypass switch , If there is a long beep, it means the mains input is out of phase, and the phase should be corrected immediately (change the input three phases at will, if there is no long beep, it means the phase is correct).

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