What are the maintenance methods of the battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-18

   The service life of any product can only be prolonged if it is properly maintained. Today we will listen to the battery maintenance method from the official website of the battery. The maintenance method is mainly divided into the following stages:

  Monthly maintenance

   Measure and record the ambient temperature in the battery room, the battery shell Temperature and pole temperature. Check the cleanliness of the battery, the damage marks and temperature of the terminals, and the damage or temperature of the casing and cover one by one. Measure and record the total voltage and float current of the battery system.

   Quarterly maintenance

   Repeat the monthly inspections. Measure and record the float voltage of each online battery.

  Annual maintenance

   Repeat all quarterly maintenance, inspections, and annual inspections for loose connections. The battery pack undergoes a check discharge test with actual load every year, and discharges 30% to 40% of the rated capacity.

   three-year maintenance

   a capacity test every three years (10h rate), and once a year after six years of use . If the actual discharge capacity of the battery pack is less than 60% of the rated capacity, the battery pack's life is considered to be terminated.

   Use and maintenance

   When using and maintaining the battery, please use insulated tools. Do not place metal tools on the battery; do not use any organic solvents to clean the battery; never remove the safety valve of the sealed battery or add any substance to the battery; do not smoke or use an open flame near the battery pack; after the battery is discharged, it should be within 24 hours Fully charge the battery internally so as not to affect the battery capacity; the performance of the battery will deteriorate during storage and should be used as soon as possible; all maintenance work must be performed by professionals.


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