What are the main phenomena of battery leakage? ? ? ?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-09

  What is the main phenomenon of battery leakage?

  The key to the valve-controlled sealed battery is sealing. If the battery misses the night, it cannot live in the same room with the communication room, so it is necessary to replace it.

   Phenomenon: The pole is surrounded by white crystals, with obvious black corrosion and sulfuric acid droplets. B If the battery is lying down, there is a white powder corroded by acid on the ground. The copper core of the C pole is green, and the droplets in the spiral sleeve are large, or there are obvious droplets between the tank lids.

   Reason: Some battery screw sleeves are loose, and the pressure of the sealing ring is reduced, resulting in leakage. b The aging of the sealant causes cracks in the seal. The C battery is seriously charged, various batteries are mixed, and the compound power of the battery gas is poor. d When the acid is full, the acid is sprayed out, forming a false leak.

   Method: Wipe the possible leakage and leave it for later investigation b. Strengthen the screw sleeve of the leakage battery, and continue to study c to improve the sealing structure of the battery. Contact: 18038382979


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