What are the main components of the battery?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-19

What are the main components of the battery?

The key to the battery is composed of a shell, a cover, a liquid plug, a connecting plate, a column, a pole piece separation device and an electrolyte.

(1) Polar plate: The plate is divided into a positive plate and a negative plate, and lead strips are installed above the lamp and on the negative plate. The specific chemical substance on the positive plate is red-brown lead dioxide, and the specific chemical substance on the negative plate is pure lead. The negative plate exceeds the positive plate, so that each plate can be placed in the middle of the negative plate, so as to reduce the deformation of the electrochemical corrosion of the Shengde electrode.

(2) Separator: sandwich the spacing plate between the positive and negative plates to avoid short-circuit failure of the positive and negative plates, but to ensure the smoothness of the electrolyte solution. The total grade area board is made of organic chemical solutions, and also made of porous plastic board, porous structure vulcanized rubber or glass fiber board.

(3) Case: The raw material of the case is plastic, and the bottom end is reinforced with a rising structure to support the pole piece group to prevent the accumulation of objects in the vessel from causing short circuit failure.

(4) Cover: The cover is packaged on the waterproof casing with bituminous airtightness. The cover has three buried holes. Out, the liquid plug is installed in the middle hole, and the liquid plug has a vent.

(5) Posts: A battery has 2 posts, that is, the positive crankshaft connected to the positive plate, with a '+' engraved on the top, which is connected to the live wire; the crankshaft with the negative plate is called the negative post , Engraved with '-' on it, connect with the external power circuit according to the positive and negative radio frequency connectors.

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