What are the functions of UPS power supply

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-26
Label: In order to ensure the continuity of the power used in the industrial process and daily work, UPS power supply was born, which successfully solved the problems of power interruption and poor power quality. As we all know, UPS power supply is a constant voltage and constant frequency uninterruptible power supply with an energy storage device and an inverter as the main component. Its main function is to stabilize the voltage, stabilize the frequency, and supply uninterrupted power. With the improvement of user requirements, self-control function, external alarm function, centralized monitoring function, environmental detection function, automatic switch machine function, networking function, lead-acid battery automatic compensation and detection function, low power consumption function, direct Parallel function, the function of having the same output for linear load and non-linear load, and the function of using battery or separate battery when paralleling. .
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