What are the factors that affect battery life?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-23
The battery is an important part of the UPS system, and its pros and cons are directly related to the reliability of the entire UPS system. The battery is the part with the shortest mean time between failures in the entire UPS system. The types of batteries can generally be divided into lead-acid batteries, lead-acid maintenance-free batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries. Considering factors such as load conditions, use environment, service life and cost, UPS generally chooses valve-regulated lead-acid maintenance-free batteries. The following introduces the main factors that affect the service life of the battery and the matters that should be noted during use: The ambient temperature has a greater impact on the battery. The depth of discharge has a great influence on the battery life. During storage, transportation, and installation, the battery will lose part of its capacity due to self-discharge. The charging and discharging current of the battery is generally expressed by C, and the actual value of C is related to the battery capacity. Charging voltage. The maintenance-free battery adopts an absorption electrolyte system and will not generate any gas during normal use. However, if the user uses improperly and causes the battery to be overcharged, gas will be generated. At this time, the internal pressure of the battery will increase and the battery will be The pressure valve is opened, which will cause the battery to burst seriously. During the operation of the UPS, pay attention to monitoring the terminal voltage value of the battery pack, the floating charge current value, the voltage value of each battery, the earth resistance and the insulation status of the battery pack and the DC bus. Do not individually increase or decrease the load of several single cells in the battery pack, which will cause unbalanced cell capacity and uneven charging, and reduce the service life of the battery. The battery should be installed in a clean, cool, ventilated, and dry place as much as possible, and avoid the influence of sunlight, heaters or other radiant heat sources. The battery should be placed upright and not inclined at an angle. Regular maintenance. Understanding and knowing the main factors that affect the service life of lead-acid batteries and the matters that should be paid attention to during use are of great help to us in the correct use and maintenance of lead-acid batteries in the UPS system. I hope everyone uses and maintains lead-acid batteries properly in their daily work so that they can be used more reasonably.
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