What are the factors related to the service life of lead-acid batteries for traction and dry storage methods

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-12

   First of all, we all know that if the service life of lead-acid batteries for traction is to be longer, then we must usually pay attention to not let the battery overcharge and over discharge, that is to say, we will not wait until the battery is empty at all. It has stopped working before charging. Don't wait too long to charge the battery, as long as the battery is fully charged, stop charging in time.

  Secondly, the choice of charging voltage is also critical with the service life of traction lead-acid batteries, no matter what For such batteries, the charging voltage of the battery is clearly marked on the shell, which means that when charging, the battery should be connected to what AC voltage. Generally speaking, the lead-acid batteries for traction used in our daily life are basically charged with 220V AC voltage. If the voltage is too large, use a transformer to adjust it.

  Finally, before the first formal use of the battery, it is best to fully charge the battery after it has used up its original capacity.

   Dry storage method of lead-acid battery for traction

   First of all, if the lead-acid battery for traction is to be dry-sealed and stored It must be carried out under the premise that the battery has no faults. If there is a quality problem, it must be repaired before it can be stored. At the same time, we also need to check whether the battery shell is intact, whether there are cracks or falling section. In order to judge whether the battery capacity has decreased and the amount of decrease when the battery is reused, it is best to check its capacity when storing it in a dry seal. If the capacity is less than 85%, then There is no need to save.

  Secondly, in order to make the battery can be used normally after dry-sealed storage, it is generally best to fully charge it before dry-sealing, and then discharge half of the electricity before sealing it. stand up. At the same time, pour the electrolyte inside, rinse it with distilled water, and coat the conductive parts with petroleum jelly. Contact: 18038389279


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