What are the factors affecting the service life of lead-acid battery? -Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-22
Accumulator is an important part of UPS system, its quality is directly related to the reliability of the whole UPS system. Battery is the MTBF of the shortest in the UPS system. Battery can generally be divided into the kinds of lead-acid batteries, lead-acid maintenance-free battery and nickel cadmium battery, etc. , considering the load condition, using the environment, service life and cost factors, such as UPS generally choose valve control type lead acid battery without maintenance. The following introduction of the main factors affecting the service life of the battery and matters that should be paid attention to in use process, the influences of environmental temperature on the battery. The depth of discharge effect on the battery life is also very big. The battery in the process of storage, transportation, installation, part of the capacity for self-discharge will be lost. Battery charging and discharging current general with C, C the actual value is related to battery capacity. Charging voltage. Maintenance-free batteries due to absorption electrolyte system, does not produce any gases during normal use, but if the user use undeserved, cause the battery charging, can produce gas, the battery internal pressure will increase, the pressure on the battery open valve, serious can make battery burst. UPS in the process of operation, pay attention to the monitoring of the battery terminal voltage value, floating current value, the value of each battery voltage, battery and dc bus to ground resistance and insulation status. Don't separate increase or decrease in the battery pack several monomer battery load, this will cause a imbalance of monomer battery capacity and charging one sex inequality, reduce the service life of batteries. Battery should be installed in a clean, cool, ventilated and dry place, and to avoid exposure to sunlight, heaters, or other radiation heat source. Battery should be is placed, cannot tilt Angle. Regular maintenance. Understand and know the main factors affecting the service life of the lead-acid battery and the matters for attention in use process, proper use and maintenance for us in the UPS system lead-acid battery has a lot of help. Hope everyone in daily work correctly use and maintain good lead-acid batteries, make its can get more reasonable utilization.
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