What are the engineering quantities and technical quality requirements for replacing the old UPS power system?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-10

UPS power supply is an important equipment to ensure the stability and continuity of power supply. Taking into account factors such as load conditions, use environment, service life and cost, in order to ensure the reliable, stable and safe operation of the UPS power system, generally Large-capacity UPS batteries (for example, above 100AH) are recommended to be replaced once every 5 years, depending on the actual situation.

What are the engineering quantities and technical quality requirements for replacing the old UPS power system? UPS power supplies are also electronic equipment. When used for a certain number of years, there will be some aging of electronic components, which will lead to failures. To ensure the safety and reliability of equipment power usage, the most direct way is to replace the old UPS Power system.


The general process of replacing the UPS power system is: construction site preparation, removal of the original old UPS host, installation of a new UPS system, equipment startup and commissioning, power supply and distribution line switching Wait.

01. Construction preparations

1. After arriving at the construction site, coordinate with relevant personnel of the owner, receive safety education for safety supervision, and conduct surveys of the construction site with professional supervision , Implement the construction content and construction steps.


2. Before construction, apply for complete related work tickets (cold work ticket, electrical isolation work ticket), and the person in charge of construction and the electrician will jointly confirm the power supply that will be cut off The switch is controlled and electrical professionals perform work such as power-off, tag-out, isolation, and lockout, and release of isolation and lock after completion. 


3. The person in charge explains the construction content and construction steps to all construction personnel before construction, as well as the precautions during construction. 


4. Place the materials, tools, instruments and equipment needed for construction in place, and be familiar with the working environment.

02. Disassemble the old UPS host

1. Through the PDU power switch, it is important to switch the existing UPS that needs to be replaced. The load is switched to other UPS systems for operation, and the single power supply equipment is shut down. Turn off the UPS and corresponding switches.  

2, turn off the single power supply device. (This item is the responsibility of the manufacturer or customer)

3. Confirm that the UPS power load is zero, and turn off the UPS host and corresponding switches. (UPS engineer is responsible)  

4. Use a multimeter to test that the input, output, and battery terminals of the UPS have been disconnected to ensure construction safety.  

5. Remove the input, output and battery bus of the UPS host.

03. Installation of new UPS power system

1. Appearance, model specifications and quantity of equipment to be installed before construction , Marks, labels, product certificates, certificates of origin, instructions, technical documents and materials are inspected to check whether the equipment is selected from the manufacturer’s original products.

2. Place the new UPS power supply host in the designated position, lay the UPS system input and output connection lines, and supervise by the on-site engineering and technical personnel to confirm whether the input and output line sequence is correct. Whether the cable connection is firm;   

3. Connect the input and output lines and the battery connection of the UPS power supply host. After the wiring is completed, the manufacturer’s engineer will start and debug the new UPS system , Calibration and test work, after the test is normal, perform the mains power failure simulation and recovery test.

Inspection work after UPS battery replacement

1. On-site environmental conditions of the UPS host room, battery placement and Connection situation.  

2, UPS power supply manufacturer engineers use special software for UPS equipment to debug and set the battery time parameters of the host to ensure that no false alarms will occur during the normal life of the battery.

3. Detect the input and output voltage and current of the UPS power supply host; charging voltage; working status, etc., to ensure that all the test data meet the required parameter range, and do a good job recording.  

4. Confirm that the UPS host and battery are in normal operation, and then conduct a mains power failure test to detect automatic battery switching and battery power supply time.  



In order to ensure the safety of the equipment with UPS power supply, it is recommended to replace the battery within a regular service life. The replacement of UPS backup battery has strict technical, safety and related standards and regulations, and relevant safety protection measures must be taken.

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