What are the contents of the battery inspection

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-18

  What are the contents of the battery inspection?

  1. The DC bus voltage should be normal and should not exceed 2% of the average voltage. The floating charge current should be appropriate without overcharging Or the phenomenon of power shortage occurs.

  2, measure various parameters. When floating charging, the voltage of the Italian Extraordinary battery should be maintained at [2.1~2.2V], and the charging and discharging voltage should not be lower than [1.8~1.9V]. The relative density of the electrolyte should be between [1.215~1.229], and the liquid temperature should be between [15~35℃].

  3. Check whether the color of the electrode plate is normal, whether it is tilted, bent, short-circuited, salt-generating, and effective substances falling off.

  4. The wooden partitions and lead cards should be intact without falling off.

   5. The liquid level should be higher than the electrode plate [10~20mm].

  6. The outer casing of the Italian Extraordinary battery should be complete, without tilting, and the surface should be clean.

   7. The connections of each joint should be tight, no corrosion, and coated with petroleum jelly.

   8. Ventilation equipment and other ancillary equipment should be intact, there should be no strong smell in the room, and the battery room temperature should be between [10~30℃].

   9. The floating charging equipment is operating normally.

   10. The DC system has good insulation.

  11. For maintenance-free storage batteries, check whether the caps are tightened and the vents should be unblocked.


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