What are the common faults and maintenance methods of UPS? What are the components of UPS uninterruptible power supply?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-10

UPS uninterruptible power supply is composed of two parts: host and battery

Common failures and maintenance methods of UPS power supply

1, reverse Change the tube to burn out

After finding out the cause of the tube burning, replace it with a new tube to work normally. The working parameters of the new tube must meet the requirements, and its withstand voltage must exceed twice the battery voltage, and the β value must not be less than 150, otherwise the pressure drop of the tube will increase and the tube will heat up quickly and will be easily burned again.

2, the battery has no electricity

The UPS battery has no electricity or the voltage is too low, which is also the reason for the burning of the inverter tube . When replacing a new battery, pay attention to the replacement of the new battery model must be consistent with the original, the voltage can not be high, but the number of Ah can be increased appropriately. The new battery must be charged continuously for six hours.

3. The mains power is normal, but the UPS is working in the inverter state

First check the mains input transformer winding and insurance If there is no problem, check the secondary circuit and load.

4. The logic control circuit is faulty

The logic control circuit is faulty, please refer to the relevant pin voltage according to the logic relationship And the waveform is checked step by step. When checking, be sure to unplug the plug at the input end of the inverter tube. In this way, accidents can be avoided and the service life of the battery can be prolonged.

The above is a brief introduction to the length of UPS backup power supply. Generally speaking, the length of UPS power supply is generally related to the size of the load power after the mains is stopped; If it is an online UPS power supply (external battery), the number of batteries can be configured according to the required backup time.

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