What are the characteristics and advantages of gel batteries?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

Why do people choose colloidal batteries? What are the characteristics and advantages of colloidal batteries? Gel battery: Advantages: large electrolyte volume, not prone to expansion caused by thermal runaway, cycle life and floating charge life are generally good, disadvantages: difficult production technology, high cost.

Gel batteries are lead-acid batteries added with gelling agent to make the electro-hydraulic gel. The installation process of the battery will vary depending on the situation. The difference from the conventional lead-acid battery is not only that the electro-hydraulic is changed to a gel. For example, non-solid hydrocolloids belong to colloidal batteries from the perspective of electrochemical classification structure and characteristics. Another example is the attachment of polymer materials in the grid, commonly known as ceramic grids, which can also be regarded as the application characteristics of gel batteries. Recently, laboratories have added a coupling agent to the electrode plate formula, which greatly improves the reaction utilization rate of the electrode plate active material. According to non-public data, the achievable weight-to-energy level is shown.

Features: The inside of the gel battery is mainly a porous network structure with a large number of tiny gaps, which can smoothly migrate the oxygen generated by the positive electrode of the battery to the negative electrode plate, which is convenient for the negative electrode to absorb and combine. The acid content is large, so its capacity is basically the same as that of the battery. The internal resistance of the gel battery is large, and generally does not have good high-current discharge characteristics. The heat is easy to diffuse, not easy to rise, and the probability of thermal runaway is small. The composition is still a gel formed by water and silica, so the electrochemical effect is still water and the reaction process is not much different. However, changes in the structure can bring many advantages. The advantage of colloidal batteries is that they have good cycle life and can endure over-discharge and can be discharged after long-term insufficiency (batteries are prone to vulcanization failure when used in this way. High and low temperature performance is also better.

Lead-acid batteries use gel-like electrolyte without free liquid inside. Under the same volume, the electrolyte capacity is large, the heat capacity is large, and the heat dissipation ability is strong. It can avoid the phenomenon of thermal runaway in general batteries, and the electrolyte concentration is low, and the electrode plate is corroded. The effect is weak, the concentration is uniform, and there is no electrolyte stratification. The performance of the colloidal lead-acid battery is better than the valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery. The colloidal lead-acid battery has stable performance, high reliability, long service life, and low ambient temperature. Adaptability (strong high and low temperature, long-term discharge capacity, cyclic discharge capacity, strong deep discharge and high-current discharge capacity, with advantages such as overcharge and overdischarge self-protection. It is difficult to recover domestic colloidal lead-acid batteries used for electric bicycles when charging It is through vacuum infusion in the separator to pour silica gel and solution between the positive and negative plates of the battery. The gel lead-acid battery cannot carry out oxygen circulation in the early stage of use. This is because the gel encloses the positive and negative plates. The oxygen generated on the plate cannot diffuse to the negative plate, and it cannot be reduced with the active material lead on the negative plate. It can only be discharged by the exhaust valve, which is consistent with the flooded battery. And because all these ceiling lamps mostly use T5 lamps. , Bend into various shapes.

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