What are the advantages of gel batteries?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-11

What are the advantages of colloidal batteries?

Compared with ordinary AGM lead-acid batteries, gel batteries are valve-regulated lead-acid batteries with superior performance in the world. The key macroscopic transformation of gel batteries is to realize the conversion of electrolyte solution from liquid to solid. It is a disruptive development. Therefore, in addition to the advantages of general lead-acid batteries, colloidal batteries also have advantages that other rechargeable batteries can’t compare:

1. Low self-discharge electrode

The electrical grade board is made of antimony-free aluminum alloy with hydrogen inlet potential difference. At 20℃, the life of ordinary AGM lead-acid batteries is 3%/month, while the life of gel batteries is less than 2%/month. In other words, storage at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius for 2 years without battery charging can have a volume exceeding 50%.

2. Universal operating temperature

The colloidal battery is a kind of gel (solid) electrolyte solution with high thermal conductivity and strong heat dissipation capacity of the heat pipe, which can prevent general Agm charging Battery heat cannot be controlled, so in high-temperature operation, rechargeable batteries are not easy to cause dry conditions; but at ultra-low temperatures, the liquid electrolyte solution of Agm rechargeable batteries cannot be stored in cold storage, so the temperature coverage of gel batteries is wide, -40c- 60c, everything is working normally.

3. Better deep discharge resistance

The colloidal battery has the characteristics of overcharging, overcharging and self-protection, and it can still be connected to the load after 100% charge and discharge.

4. Long lifespan

Ryowinda colloidal solution uses self-made electrolyte solution secret recipe and unique anti-corrosion It has low acid concentration value and low grid erosion, which makes Ryda colloidal battery less repaired, corrosion resistant, zero pollution, and increase the service life;

5. Can be placed in all directions

Because the electrolyte solution of the spinal cord gel battery is solid, the concentration value of the electrolyte solution is uniform, there is no acid level condition, and the service life of the circulatory system is not harmed; and the liquid overflow type is used in all directions, which does not attack electrical equipment. Most of them are used to stand or lie down.

Attention: The colloidal batteries manufactured by most Chinese rechargeable battery manufacturers are not really pure colloidal batteries, but the colloidal solution covers the rechargeable batteries, that is, pseudo colloidal batteries.

6. Stronger consistency

The colloidal battery uses a new type of creation and invention diaphragm system software, selects excellent production technology and a comprehensive quality management system to ensure charging The consistency of the battery reduces the maintenance of the entire set of rechargeable batteries, thereby ensuring a long service life of the circulatory system.

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