What about the plant size of Power Kingdom?
As the business continues to increase, the plant size of Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd. is expanded correspondingly. At present, the plant is spacious enough to accommodate large-scale machines and full sets of production lines. The whole place is designed reasonably and has several built-in rooms for manufacturing, designing, QC conducting, and so on. In addition, since established, we have obtained an increasing number of employees. They all do their endeavor to perform their duties in our departments of design, R&D, manufacturing, and customer service.

Power Kingdom is the China's best known rechargeable sealed lead acid battery brand. Power Kingdom's main products include industrial battery series. Power Kingdom ft battery undergoes numerous stages of production before it is completed. These stages include designing, stamping, sewing (the pieces composing the shaft are sewn together), and die assembling. The product provides convenience for large-scale energy storage. we has customers from all over the world. With a protective ABS plastic case, the product is immune to shock and vibration.

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