Want to use an electric vehicle battery for two more years

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-15

Why some electric vehicle batteries can be used for two to three years, or even longer, but your electric vehicle batteries cannot last for one year? Where is the problem?

In fact, the first condition that directly leads to battery life depends on how to charge our electric vehicle batteries. Irregular battery charging methods are always used to make the battery battery prematurely consumed. For those batteries For customers who are less than a year old, is your battery charged correctly? If you want to use electric vehicle batteries for two more years, do the following four points.

The first point: Control the charging time of the electric vehicle battery.

Electric vehicles are now generally charged in parking sheds. For convenience, some electric vehicle owners often charge them all night and all night, and it takes more than ten hours to charge the rechargeable battery. Therefore, the rechargeable battery is greatly damaged. In the long run, only the lithium battery electrolyte in the rechargeable battery is used for a long time, so that the charger does not jump to the green light after charging it all night, and the battery charging drum will appear after a long time, and the charger will not jump to the green light. You should bring the charger and electric vehicle to the relevant repair shop for inspection in time to avoid unnecessary losses.

Second: Never use a fast charger.

With the continuous innovation of high technology, fast chargers for battery cars are widely used in large and small cities. This quick charger is convenient for everyone, but apart from the convenience here, do you know how much damage your battery can cause? You don't know that the battery is under voltage protection, and the application of a fast charger is the most harmful to the battery. This is why many customers have short distances and swollen batteries in less than half a year.

Third: Refuse to use substandard chargers.

Nowadays, there are many well-known charging head brands on the sales market, they have heard of it, and they have not heard of it. Do you think it is possible to match the working voltage and current of the charging head? Now on the market Small processing factories make profits and make their charging heads cheaper than well-known brands, but they don’t know that other manufacturers are producing raw materials, and even more shameless manufacturers, in order to make money, manufacture and pretend to look like famous brand charging heads, in fact circuit boards. There is no line, such a charging head will not damage the battery? It is recommended that everyone go to a good website to buy a charging head. It does not need to be cheap to prevent small losses!

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