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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-17
Usually use valve control battery has two categories: category is barren solution type, namely the cathode absorption plate fine glass fiber membrane cells; Another kind of gel battery. The two types of valve control principle and structure of the battery is on the basis of the original lead-acid battery, take measures to promote oxygen compound and restrain hydrogen, any oxygen generation can be considered to be the loss of water. If the water is excessive consumption, can make the battery failure, dry battery internal resistance increases and causes loss of the capacity of the battery. Specific difference is as follows: ( 1) 30 k9/1. There is no free state within a battery electrolyte. The diaphragm and plate assembly process, small resistance force uniform. On the structure generally adopts horizontal layout, such as using vertical arrangement, put the same on both ends of the plate highly compressed to the minimum, to avoid layer or layers of process is slow. ( 2) 24 k9/1. This kind of full of baffle plate, plate and battery electrolyte slot all gaps and curing, thus the positive and negative plate completely wrapped. So in the early use of oxygen did not spread to the cathode channel on the anode, can't and the cathode active material of lead reduction, only by exhaust valve discharge space. Use after a period of time, colloid began to dry and shrinkage and cracks, oxygen can be through the crack spread to the cathode surface, oxygen circulation maintained, exhaust valve is always open, the battery into the sealing work. Uniform colloid electrolyte performance is good, and therefore in the process of charging and discharging plate stress evenly to flexure. For the battery of the top and bottom of the gel electrolyte battery electrolyte flow is blocked, thus avoid the stratification.
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