Using and maintenance of lead-acid battery should pay attention to the following points-Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-06
For using and maintenance of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries should pay attention to the following: 1, the battery don't will slowly for a long time to discharge, to scrap, so if long time need not, disconnect the battery cable, and will (in a while 6 weeks) Starting a car, for battery charging. 2, when the dashboard display battery power shortage, the charge in time. 3, the density of the electrolyte should according to different regions, different season adjustments according to the standard. 4, should complement when losing electricity distilled water or dedicated rehydration, drinking pure water instead of avoid by all means. 5, when starting car, the use of continuous starting opportunities and lead to excessive battery discharge damage, don't every time a car for more than 5 seconds, start again the time interval of not less than 15 seconds. 6, daily route, pay more attention to check whether the battery cover holes. 7, check the battery is negative for the oxidation. 8, check the circuit without aging or short circuit, prevent battery shorten because of excessive discharge.
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