Use UPS power correctly

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-20
Label: In order to ensure the normal operation and personal safety of the UPS power supply and the loads it carries, it is also very important to use the UPS power supply correctly. First of all, when the UPS power supply is used for the first time or after a long period of time, it must be connected to the mains and use the charging circuit of the UPS power supply to supplement the charge of the UPS lead-acid battery. For low-power UPS, the general charging time is about 10 hours. After the capacity of the lead-acid battery reaches saturation, it can be put into normal use. Secondly, it is necessary to determine that the fluctuation range of the mains voltage is consistent with the variation range of the selected UPS input voltage. Also pay attention when connecting the UPS, the UPS input must be grounded, and the grounding resistance should not exceed 4Ω. In addition, the UPS power on and off steps must be correct. The power components inside the UPS have a certain rated operating current. If the impulse current is too large, the life of the power components will be shortened or even burned. Therefore, when starting up, turn on the mains switch of the UPS first, and then turn on the load switches one by one. When the load is turned on, the load is turned on one by one from the load with the large inrush current to the load with the small inrush current. Never turn on all loads at the same time, let alone turn on with load. When shutting down, first turn off the loads one by one, then turn off the UPS power switch, and finally turn off the UPS mains switch. Similarly, it cannot be shut down under load.
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